The Push Button Control Boxis for the use of machine equipment; the push buttons are certified by CE, TUV, CSA, andcRUus. Our contact block is particularly different from the other brands,because it canworkvery well in low voltage and low current, even 5V 5mA,it still can be conducted.Besides, it can remove the dust and the rust when it operates. Thefire resistance classforthe material of the enclosure is ABS 94-V0, it is more safety. With rids design to make it harder and rigid, so it won’t be formed by twisting. Using plastic screws to prevent get rust and with fool-proof design so it won't come off while losing. With pre-threaded design which makesthe assembly be much easier and it can equip with PG13.5 cable gland to reach IP66 rating.   Include: Three Holes Control Station*1pc: NB22-C3Y (Yellow Cover/ Black Base) Non-Illuminated Flush Head Push Button*2pcs: NPB22-F11G-A (1a1b, Green, W/ White arrow symbol) Non-Illuminated Flush Head Push Button*1pc: NPB22-F11R-O (1a1b, Red, W/ White circle symbol) IP Rating: IP66
This foot and palm switch is with IP66 rating and CE certified. It’s employed in industrial automation and machine equipment. Our contact block is particularly different from the other brands, because it can work very well in low voltage and low current, even 5V 5mA, it still can be conducted. Besides, it can remove the dust and the rust when it operates. In woodworking machinery, it will be used as an emergency stop switch, due to it is much bigger than the normal push buttons and it will react in any touching angle. Therefore, in case of emergency, even the operator can’t touch the buttons by hand, they still can kick this switch easily to shut down the machine and ensure safety. Material: The top part is made by PP and the bottom part is ABS, which is very rigid. It will react in any touching angle. With plastic screws and fool-proof design, so screws won’t get rust and come off. Pre-threaded design, the assembly is very easy.   Specification: Type: Momentary Type Color: Red Contact Block: 1a1b IP Rating: IP66
The switch is used to ensure that equipment or electrical system is completely de-energized for service or maintenance. Certification: CE, TUV & cULus Handel: Lockable and NEMA 4X Installation: Drill a 22mm hole and lock the fixing ring tightly. Besides, the switching speed is less than 0.3ms, so the consumption of contacts is very tiny and with great arc extinguishing performance. Specification: Pole: 4 Pole Handel: G5 (67*67mm, Red/Yellow, Lockable, NEMA 4X) Mounting Method: Door Mounting Rated insulation voltage, Ui: 690V Thermal current Ith (AC1): 32A AC3 Max. Horsepower rating/ Motor FLA current (3 Phase): 2220~240V→ 5.5kW/ 7.5HP/ 22A 380~440V→ 11kW/ 15HP/ 21A 660~690V→ 15kW/ 20HP/ 22A
The switch is employed in industrial automation and mechanical equipment, easy for assembling. Also, it is certified by CE, TUV, CSA, and cRUus. It is a 22Ø push button and it’s with a special structure design, strengthen resistance, only react while pressing to the end exactly, preventing accidental actuation makes it more secure. Besides, there are completed accessories that can be chosen from, such as Contact Block, Fixing Base, Name Plate, Lockable Cover, and Shrouds. Specification: Illuminated: Non-illuminated  Type: 40Ø Mushroom Head Twist to Release Type Color: Red Contact Block: 2b Protection Degree: IP66 Please order by a unit of 10pcs (10pcs/box).
It is a 3 pole AC contactor with completed international approvals: cCSAus, CE, UL, CCC, CNS.  The coil can be connected from the opposite side and also the same side, makes the using be more flexible. The specification is as below: Contacts: 3NO+1a or 3NO+1b Rated insulation voltage, Ui: 1000V Thermal current Ith (AC1): 20A Rated Operational Current (AC3): 9A Mechanical Durability: 5 Mil. Cycles (1200 cycles/hr.) Electrical Durability: 0.5 Mil. Cycles (1200 cycles/hr.) Rated Capacity for 3Phase AC3 (kW/A): 220V→ 2.2kW/3HP 380V→ 3.7kW/5HP 575V→ 3.7kW/5HP  Auxiliary Contacts: CA1 (Top mounting) & CA8 (Side mounting) Overload Relay: NTH series Electric & Mechanical Interlock: CA9 (Two functions in one)
It is certified by cULus, CE, CCC, suitable for AC1 using and designed for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating, and Lighting. Besides, the magnetic noise is smaller than normal contactors, therefore, it is not obvious even in a quiet environment. It can reduce its noise interference and unpleasant, so it is more appropriate for the use of air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc. This 3 pole contactor can equip with Auxiliary contact block, it can be 2a, 1a1b and, 2b, more diversified use. The specification is as below: Full Load Amps (AC1): 40A Coil Voltage: 240V AC, 50Hz Number of Pole: 3 Pole Mounting Method: Standard (Locked on the base plate.) Main Terminals: Box lug with quick connect Available to equip with Aux. contacts.